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Ryobi ZRRTS20 Table Saws

On the jobsite, it is important to remain mobile. You never know when you might have to move from one location to another, so having portable tools is a must. Of course if you do carpentry work you need a reliable table saw, but many of the top models are large and cumbersome. The Ryobi ZRRTS20 15 Amp 10-in Table Saw, on the other hand, is compact, easy to carry and comes with a built in, foldable stand that you can set up virtually anywhere. That means that regardless of the location you are working in, you will have the power, precision and reliability of a great table saw to take care of all your toughest cutting jobs.

Ryobi ZRRTS20 Table Saws
Take this saw to any job site with comfort and ease. Find out more about the ZRRTS20.

Large Capacity

When you have to cut bigger pieces of lumber, some portable table saws just are not up to the job. There is nothing worse than fumbling around with a long piece of wood, just trying to get a basic cut done. With the ZRRTS20, you will be able to handle the longer pieces with ease. That is because this model includes a feed support feature that lets you easily handle even the biggest pieces of wood without a problem. It is features like this that makes the ZRRTS20 a true portable table saw solution that everyone can use, regardless of the type of project you are working on.

ZRRTS20 Features

  • Sliding table extension allows for a 30-in right rip capacity and an 18-in left rip capacity
  • Tool-less QuickSTAND stores on-board providing portability and convenience
  • Out feed support offers additional material support when making cuts
  • Dust bag aids in providing a clean work area
  • On-board blade, blade wrenches, and rip fence storage provide easy access to accessories when needed
The sliding table built into the ZRRTS20 is another feature that customers cannot quit talking about. While the ZRRTS20 is a saw that you can take virtually anywhere, it does not have the same limitations that many other saws in this class have. You are able to handle big and small cutting jobs with ease. And with its powerful 15 amp motor, you get all of the cutting power you need to take on the hardest materials without any loss in productivity.

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