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Ridgid R4510 Table Saws

Every carpenter needs a reliable table saw to get big projects done with precision and to make every job a quality job. Fortunately, Ridgid makes some of the most affordable yet reliable table saws on the market today. They have been giving woodworkers the best table saws for years. One of their latest offerings is the Ridgid R4510 Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw, and it is no exception to their ongoing dedication to offering the best tools at the lowest prices. This portable table saw is lightweight and easy to set up and tear down. However it does not lack for power as it features a robust 15 Amp motor, so you are sure to get all of the cutting power you need to handle even the toughest cutting jobs with ease.
Ridgid R4510 Table Saws
Take on cutting tasks of any size with this high powered saw. Read more R4510 ratings and reviews.

Packed with Features

The R4510 does not stop with just giving great cutting power. This model also includes some of the must-have features that make everyday jobs a lot easier to handle. If you need some extra storage on the jobsite, the R4510 has you covered. This table saw includes plenty of on-board storage, so you can have easy access to your table saw accessories or any other tools that you use on a daily basis. It is the little extras, like this storage, that makes the R4510 a popular table saw with customers all over the country.

R4510 Features

  • Features on-board storage for easy reach
  • Tool-free blade guard
  • 15 amp motor heavy-duty power with soft start
  • Single-handle height/bevel adjustment
  • Micro-adjust fence for fine adjustments
  • Comes with: TS 2400 table Saw, TSUV table saw utility vehicle, carbide tipped blade, blade guard assembly, rip fence, miter gauge, blade wrenches, and operators' manual
The folks at Ridgid pulled out all the stops when it comes to including the table saw accessories that people use the most. And since you can keep them in the storage unit, you will never have to search around for the tools and extras that you need to be productive on the job. Professionals know that Rigid is a company they can depend on when they purchase power tools. The R4510 is an impressive model that is selling quickly and flies off the store shelves as fast as it can be stocked. You will understand why this table saw is so popular when you put it to use on your next, big project.

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