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Proxxon 38070 FKS/E Table Saws

Intricate woodworking calls for a special kind of table saw. You cannot simply rely on the standard models that are used for everyday carpentry projects. You need something that is made for the craftsman who does detailed work. The Proxxon 38070 FKS/E Table Saw is the ideal table saw for the kind of jobs that require a sensitive touch and skilled cutting. There is no sense in having to rely on tools that do not give you the sensitive controls and high cutting speeds you need to deal with finer materials when you have the 38070 FKS/E. It is made with these kind of jobs in mind, and has the features you need to make all of your projects look great.

Proxxon 38070 FKS/E Table Saws
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High Speed Cutting

As you know, delicate materials need to be cut differently than everyday lumber. To do these kinds of cuts the right way you need to have total control over the blade speed of your table saw. With the 38070 FKS/E, you get total control over the speeds and can get the exact cuts you need every time. You can run the blade at lower speeds of 440 RPM or crank things up to 6800 RPM when you have to. The whole idea behind the design of this table saw is to empower detailed finishers and craftsman with the control that they need over blade speeds. Do not risk your project's success, make sure you have the 38070 FKS/E in your shop.

38070 FKS/E Features

  • Unit includes vacuum cleaner adapter
  • 110-115V, 60HZ
  • Weight 11.5 lbs.
  • Replacement blades available 28731 crosscut, 28732 36 tooth carbide, 28734 24 tooth carbide, 28735 diamond coated blade, 28736 dado head set
  • Compact Size
  • Built to last
  • 11.5 x 9.5 inch table
  • 4400-6800 RPM
As you can see, the 38070 FKS/E is decked out with the features and functionality you need to handle even the most precise projects. You will love having total control over how this saw cuts, and your finishing work and hobby work will look better than it has ever looked before. And with its compact size, this is a saw that can be set up in small or big shops to handle precision cutting jobs with ease. Once you get the 38070 FKS/E set up in your woodworking shop, you will see why Proxxon saws are becoming so popular with people who do serious detail carpentry.

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