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Powermatic PM3000 Table Saws

If you stay on top of the latest and greatest in shop tools, you undoubtedly know how Powermatic is leading the way in shop-quality table saws. They offer big, powerful saws with plenty of options to make cutting any type of material as easy as possible. One of their latest offerings, the Powermatic PM3000 is taking shops all over the country by storm. This is a solidly constructed, top of the line table saw that is built for high performance and maximum output. There is simply no cutting job imaginable that the PM3000 is not able to take on. When you run a woodworking shop, you depend on the quality of your tools. This machine is as good as table saws get when it comes to quality construction.

Powermatic PM3000 Table Saws
A durable cutting machine from one of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Read more about this high quality power tool.

Power for the Big Jobs

When you have to cut a lot of big pieces of building material, you need a saw that is ready and able to take on any job. The PM3000 has the power it takes to cut through even the biggest pieces of the toughest lumber. With its powerful 5 horsepower motor, there is no job that this saw cannot handle. And since the PM3000 is a 14 inch table saw, you know that the biggest pieces of material will not slow it down. It does not get much better than serious power and high capacity, and you get both when you buy the Powermatic PM3000.

PM3000 Table Saw Features

  • 84 inch maximum cross cut
  • 5 horsepower motor
  • Weighs 750 pounds
  • 38x26 inch polished table
  • Rapid wing extension
  • 14 inch table saw
  • 3450 RPM arbor speed
Powermatic table saws are known for being the gold standard for carpentry shops everywhere. When people are ready to step up to true power and maximum performance, there is no better model to purchase than the PM3000. With its huge 84 inch maximum for cross cutting, you will be amazed at how much faster the big projects get done. And since it is built to the Powermatic specifications for quality and durability, you will be assured that you have a saw that is built to last and deliver day after day. If your shop is in need of raw cutting power, the Powermatic PM3000 is the shop quality table saw you have been waiting for. A table saw with plenty of muscle. Find out more at

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