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Powermatic 1792016K Table Saws

If your shop stays busy with orders, or you would simply like to get more work done every day, you need the reliability and power of a high output, high quality table saw. Lots of pros just like you have found that Powermatic table saws are not only capable of big work loads and are quite powerful, but that they are also innovative and safe too. The 1792016K table saw is one of their more popular models and is showing up in wood working shops all over the country. People know they can rely on this table saw to take care of all their precision cutting jobs with ease.
Powermatic 1792016K Table Saws
Another excellent cabinet saw from Powermatic. Read more about this machine at

Plenty of Features

One of the nicest things about the 1792016K is the wide variety of features that this saw possesses. This is by no means a run-of-the-mill table saw. One of the more popular features is the extension table that can be used as a workbench. That way when the 1792016K is not cutting it can still be put to good use by offering plenty of workspace for other projects. It is nice to get extra bench space when you need it, and this feature definitely gives you that.

1792016K Table Saw Features

  • Quick release riving knife greatly reduces binding/kickback risk
  • Built-in retractable caster system for immediate shop mobility
  • Push button arbor lock for rapid blade change
  • Extension table doubles as a mobile workbench
  • Poly-V drive belt system delivers efficient, quiet operation
As you know, it is important to always consider the safety options when you are buying a new tool. The 1792016K has some fantastic safety options that make your work place a safer place to be. From the quick release riving knife to the button push arbor lock, you will find that the 1792016K has plenty of built in features to keep you and your crew safe at all times. The Powermatic 1792016K is a popular seller for many reasons, but above all it is reliable. You will love having a table saw that keeps on cutting when the other tools are ready to give in. Powermatic knows what professional carpenters need, and they have put all those things into this powerful table saw. A cutting machine that is built to last. Read more ratings and reviews.

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