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Powermatic 1792010K Table Saws

If your livelihood depends on the tools you use, you need to make sure that you work with the best. If a table saw is one of those tools that your shop cannot do without, then you will be very interested to see what Powermatic has been up to lately. One of their latest table saw models is the 1792010K PM2000 Table Saw. This is a powerful, shop-quality table saw that is made for high output and smooth cutting. It is powerful and built to last for years, so you will always have the cutting power you depend on to get the job done.
Powermatic 1792010K Table Saws
This powerful saw gives you a smooth, easy cut no matter what the job. Read more about this cutting machine.

Real Cutting Power

You've got to love a table saw that is built with the best cutting power. The 1792010K has you covered there. It is built with a powerful 5 horsepower TEFC motor, so you know that no job will be too tough for it to handle. With that kind of motor you will have no problems keeping up with demand either, because it is built to work day-in and day-out. This unit even features magnetic controls and built in accuracy tools to make sure that every cut is precise and up to specifications. Powermatic makes tools to make workshops more productive, and the 1792010K is built to deliver.

1792010K Table Saw Features

  • Built-in retractable caster system for immediate shop mobility
  • Powered by 5-HP, TEFC motor with magnetic controls
  • Heavy-duty chrome-plated hand-wheels for smooth trunnion/arbor movement
  • Precision-ground, high-luster, cast-iron tabletop with front- and rear-edge bevel
  • Heavy-duty, micro-adjust miter gauge with extruded 13" extension fence
  • Built-in 4" port for dust collection
There are lots of companies that make table saws, but few of them can stand up to the high quality standards that Powermatic measures their table saws by. They make sure that every tool is sturdy, powerful and versatile. In fact, the 1792010K has won several awards for innovation.

It definitely takes a certain grade of tools to stay ahead on projects. If you need to get more done without sacrificing the quality of your work, the 1792010K may be just the table saw you have been waiting for. It is made to give you the flexibility and cutting power that every woodworking shop needs. A saw you can rely on for years to come. Find out more at

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