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Powermatic 1791228K Table Saws

There are everyday table saws, and then there are high-end, top-performance table saws that simply blow the little guys out of the water. The Powermatic 1791228K Contractor Saw is definitely the latter of the two. This is a saw that would make any shop proud. It is built with a high powered motor that is made to handle continuous cutting with no slow downs or losses in productivity. It is big too. This saw is not your run-of-the-mill portable table saw; it is built for professional shops and craftsmen who take their work seriously.

Powermatic 1791228K Table Saws
A high quality table saw from one of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Find out more about this high quality power tool.

Power to Keep On Cutting

The big jobs that call for lots of materials mean that you have to maintain constant output. You do not have time to stop and deal with a little saw that just is not cut out for big jobs. That is where a table saw like the 1791228K steps up to the plate and hits a homer every time. The work table alone on this saw is enough to make any carpenter do a double-take. It is fitted with a huge table and a 50 inch working fence. That means that no cut of lumber or building material is too big to deal with when you have the 1791228K humming away in your shop.

1791228K Table Saw Features

  • Artisan 10-Inch left-tilt table saw
  • Super powerful 1.5 horsepower motor that operates smoothly and efficiently
  • 50 inch fence is accurate and simple to use
  • Beautiful, cast iron table
  • T-Slot miter gauge with stops
  • Comes with saw, fence, left and right extension wings, dado inserts, blade, dust port, blade guard, miter gauge, power cord and stand
  • Weighs 390 pounds
  • Comes with a one year warranty
This is the kind of saw that carpenters dream about. With plenty of room, power to spare, and all the options you need for fast, accurate, continuous cuts, the Powermatic 1791228K is simply head and shoulders above the other table saws on the market today. If your shop is lacking muscle, this is the saw you have been waiting for. You will add some real cutting power and productivity to every project with this superior model from Powermatic. A table saw that can truly make every cut. Find pricing information and more at

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