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Powermatic 1791227K Table Saws

If you have been looking for a great, mid-sized contractors table saw, you have probably seen some that just do not measure up. Some companies tend to skimp a bit on the features that they put on their mid-sized saws, and that is just not right. Fortunately, the 1791227K Model 64 Artisan Contractor Saw comes built with all of the features you need, whether you are a seasoned, professional carpenter, or someone who just likes to do serious wood working from a home shop. The 1791227K has everyone covered because it is powerful, built to last and extremely easy to use.
Powermatic 1791227K Table Saws
An excellent contractor saw that doesn't leave out the features you need. Find out more about this cutting machine at

Power and Versatility

You have got to love power tools that really give you power. The 1791227K gives you all the cutting power you could want, and then some. With its 1.5 horsepower motor, you will have no problems cutting even the hardest woods or toughest building materials. And since it is from Powermatic, this table saw is packed with cutting edge features to make your work easier. You will love the 30 inch Accu-fence system when you are working with lumber of any size. You will get better cutting results than you have ever experienced before.

1791227K Table Saw Features

  • Perfect for the contractor, craftsman, or home hobbyist
  • 1-1/2-horsepower, single-phase, 115/230-volt motor
  • 30-inch Accu-Fence system delivers excellent results
  • Blade tilts left for easier bevel cutting
  • T-slot miter gauge, built-in 4-inch dust collection shroud, and two cast-iron extension wings included
Every dollar counts when you are purchasing power tools, and no one likes to spend money on tools that simply do not last. The 1791227K is built to be sturdy and high performing for years to come. Professional shops all over the country count on Powermatic saws every day because they know that these tools are built to last. You will know that every penny is well spent when you order the 1791227K, and you will love the high quality craftsmanship that Powermatic has put into its design.
Don't shortchange yourself when you buy your next table saw. Step up to the best and give the 1791227K Model 64 a try. You will be glad you did. A great table saw at a reasonable price. Read more about this excellent power tool.

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