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Powermatic 1720305K Table Saws

In the world of table saws there are contenders, and then there is the big dog the Powermatic 1720305K 3-Phase Table Saw. This is a saw that will impress even those who think they have seen it all. This saw is built to be the center of any woodworking shop, and it is built with the power, features and durability you would expect from a top of the line workshop table saw. The other guys are going to have to work overtime to keep up with your crew when you put this big saw to work for your crew.
Powermatic 1720305K Table Saws
The industry standard for power and quality. Read more about the incredible cutting tool.

Unbelievable Power

The power this saw packs is pretty much amazing. You may have been impressed with table saws that have 1.5 horsepower motors, but the 1720305K takes power to a whole new level, with a blazing 7.5 horsepower motor. Imagine the cutting speed and power that you get when this motor is fully engaged. Since the motor is so powerful and well made, it is built for continuous cutting all day long. If you have been dealing with an increase in work, this is the saw you need to stay ahead of the demand.

1720305K Table Saw Features

  • A quick releasing riving knife to reduce binding and kickback risk
  • Arbor lock with the push of a button for fast, safe blade changes
  • Poly-V drive belt system for excellent power and reduced noise levels
  • Heavy duty trunnion for stable, smooth blade positioning
  • Angle indicators are adjustable on the blade bevel scale for the most common bevel settings
It is nice to know that Powermatic thought to include good safety features on the 1720305K. After all, no amount of power or cutting accuracy is worth the risk of injury to you or your crew. With this saw in your shop, you will be getting all the features you want from a large scale, high performance table saw, but you will also be getting a tool that includes safety features to keep you crew injury free.

This is a table saw for professional shops, and what a difference it will make in productivity levels, and quality improvement measures. You will get accurate, clean, high capacity cuts for every project with the Powermatic 1720305K. A high capacity table saw with loads of power. See more at

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