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Powermatic 1792018K

The 1792018K table saw packs the power needed to take on any cutting job. This well engineered machine harnesses this power well, and ensures smooth, accurate cuts every time.

Powermatic 1792016K

The 1792016K table saw is an excellent cutting machine that is loaded with features and functionality. Besides a high power motor, this saw also has advanced safety features and more.

Powermatic 1792013K

The 1792013K table saw is a well-rounded cutting machine perfect for most woodshops. Increase your efficiency and productivity with this high quality machine from a trusted manufacturer.

Powermatic 1792011K

The 1792011K table saw is a machine packed with new technology and innovations. This saw packs the power you need, while also providing extras that make you safer and more productive while you work.

Powermatic 1792010K

The 1792010K table saw is an award winning machine built to handle cutting jobs of any size. This machine is well built and will be the centerpiece in your workshop for years to come.

Powermatic 1792008K

The 1792008K table saw features an ultra high performance five horsepower motor that can take on any cutting task. This machine also has many other features, including a quick release riving knife and a heavy duty trunnion.

Powermatic 1792007K

The 1792007K table saw is a large cutting machine designed for taking on the toughest jobs. Many features such as retractable casters set this saw apart from the rest.

Powermatic 1792006K

The 1792006K table saw features a powerful 5 horsepower motor that can take on any cutting task. All of this power comes with advanced safety features, ensuring an enjoyable sawing experience.

Powermatic 1792005K

The 1792005K table saw features a high capacity motor that can take on any cutting job. This saw also helps keep you safe by providing an arbor lock, so you can easily harness all that power.

Powermatic 1792003K

The 1792003K table saw features a well thought out design that is both effective and efficient. This saw is packed with innovations that reduce noise and enhance your overall cutting experience.

Powermatic 1792002K

The 1792002K table saw is a well designed cutting tool that is a pleasure to use. A sturdy cabinet base ensures cutting performance that is free from shaking and vibration.

Powermatic 1720305K

The 1720305K table saw is a high capacity cutting machine that features an extra-large 7.5 horspower motor. Make cuts all day long and never slow down with this feature-packed cutting machine.

Powermatic PM3000

The PM3000 table saw is one of the most powerful and versatile saws on the market today. This machine features a huge 5 horsepower motor, a 14 inch saw and 84 inch cross-cutting capacity.

Powermatic 1791270K

The 1791270K table saw features an ultra-powerful 1.5 horspower motor. Watch the blade glide through lumber with the precision and accuracy this cutting machine provides.

Powermatic 1791228K

The 1791228K table saw is a high powered machine that can make all the cuts with ease and precision. An extra large 50 inch working fence ensures you always have the right saw for the job.

Powermatic 1791227K

The 1791227K table saw is a contractor saw that is in a class of it's own. This saw is loaded with features that other contractor saws do not have, and will serve you well at home or on the job.

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