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Jet JWTS-10 Table Saws

When you are on the job site, you do not have time to fuss around with finicky tools that require too much set up time. That is one of the reasons that Jet has introduced the JWTS-10 WorkShop Table Saw. This table saw is made to counteract the effects of using one too many portable table saws. This is a solid work site saw that gives you the stability, ease of use and power you demand to get your work done each day. Trim carpenters and finishers will love how powerful and smooth this table saw operates.

Jet JWTS-10 Table Saws
A portable yet stable and powerful table saw. See more information by visiting our recommended supplier.

More Power

Some table saws are flat out wimpy. They do not give you the cutting power or blade speed you need to make clean, accurate cuts. The JWTS-10 is anything but wimpy. It is built with a very powerful 1.5 horsepower motor with Maxi-Torque. You will never struggle to cut through the toughest materials when you put this saw to work. And with it's stable stand and enclosed cabinet for storage, this is a saw that gives you all of the options you need to be more productive at work.

Features of the JWTS-10

  • Built with a powerful 1.5 horsepower Maxi-Torque Motor
  • Steel wings for extending the work surface
  • Blade is left tilting, so you have more control over bevel cuts
  • Enclosed saw stand for extra storage
  • Maximum 3-1/8 inch deep cuts at 90 degrees
Jet has been making their mark in the world of contractor table saws. The JWTS-10 is another hit for them as it is built with the power, durability and features that you need on the job. The left tilting blade will give you the flexibility to customize your bevel cuts at will. And the enclosed stand is perfect for storing all of your table saw accessories and tools. You will never have to wonder where that spare blade is again, when you keep everything tucked away in the handy cabinet.

Serious work calls for tools that perform. The JWTS-10 is a true performer in every sense of the word. You will find that cutting lumber and other building materials has never been easier once you give this powerful table saw a try.

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