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Jet JTAS-10XL50-W1 Table Saws

Jet table saws have become very popular in recent years. Lots of people know that Jet makes some pretty reliable tools at very low prices compared to the competition. What you may not know, though, is that they have also been building some really innovative features into their most popular table saws. A perfect example of their low cost meets high tech approach to building saws is the JTAS-10XL50-W1 Cabinet Saw. This is one table saw that any carpenter would be proud to have in their shop.

Jet JTAS-10XL50-W1 Table Saws
A sawing machine packed with innovation and power. Visit our recommended supplier for more information.

Power to Spare

While some cabinet saws barely get by with tiny, weak motors, the JTAS-10XL50-W1 tops them all with its massive, powerful 3 horsepower single phase motor. This big motor means that the blade tears through the heartiest of lumber without a problem. You may have seen some powerful table saws before, but few of them housed the kind of serious muscle the JTAS-10XL50-W1 keeps under its hood.

JTAS-10XL50-W1 Features

  • Powerful 3 horsepower motor
  • Handy Left Tilting Blade
  • Big 27 x 40 inch table
  • 50 inch rip capacity
  • 12 inch left of blade rip capacity
  • Comes with a two year warranty
With its powerful 3 horsepower motor and huge table, it is really no wonder why the JTAS-10XL50-W1 is becoming a popular choice for carpentry shops all over the country. Especially when you consider that the price on this table saw is ultra-competitive. It does not take a lot of thought to put together that - more size, more power for less money is a great deal no matter how you cut it.

That is just what you get when you buy the JTAS-10XL50-W1 - a large, powerful, high capacity table saw that easily stands up to the toughest competition. If you have not tried a Jet table saw before, the JTAS-10XL50-W1 is one of their best products, and a great way to get familiar with this company that is changing the way people think about power tools for the professional shop. This table saw offers power, versatility and size that few other saws can match, at a price that simply cannot be beat.

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