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Jet JTAS-10XL50-1 Table Saws

If you have been looking for a cabinet table saw that is built to offer the best cutting power and the highest cutting capacity, you need to know more about the Jet JTAS-10XL50-1 Cabinet Saw. This is an affordable saw that any professional shop would be proud to call its own. With a powerful motor that is practically peerless in the industry, you will know after just one cut, how special this saw really is.

Jet JTAS-10XL50-1 Table Saws
A cabinet saw that will be a fixture in your workshop for years to come. See more information by visiting our recommended supplier.

Large Table

As you know, cutting big pieces of lumber or other building materials means you need a saw with a large table. The Jet JTAS-10XL50-1 gives you all the space you need and then some. The table on this cabinet saw is 27 inches by 40 inches. With that kind of space, you will have no problem handling even the biggest, most unwieldy pieces of wood. And with the powerful 3 horsepower motor, you will sail right through even the toughest pieces of material.

JTAS-10XL50-1 Features

  • Single phase, 3 horsepower motor for the ultimate in cutting power
  • Left tilting blade for more versatile cuts
  • Big, 27 inch by 40 inch table
  • 50 inch rip capacity with 12 inch left of the blade rip capacity
  • Comes with a one year limited warranty

What Customers are Saying

No JTAS-10XL50-1 cabinet saw review would be complete without taking a look at what real life customers are saying about it. We found some very insightful customer reviews online, where people shared their thoughts about this saw. The average rating for this table saw is 4 out of 5 stars, so it is easy to see that people have been very happy with this saw.

If you have been looking for a large, powerful table saw with huge cutting capacity, the JTAS-10XL50-1 is right up your alley. When you consider the great customer ratings along with the affordable prices that Jet is known for offering, it is easy to see that this is a cabinet table saw that is definitely worth considering for use in your shop. Size, power and versatility what more could you want from a commercial grade table saw?

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