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Jet JTAS-10XL30-1 Table Saws

It is just you and your saw against some big pieces of lumber to cut. So what saw do you want on your side? If you are thinking about getting through the job without wasting time and effort, it should be the Jet 708662K Model JTAS-10XL30-1 10-Inch XactaSaw. This is a big, powerful table saw that is built with the monster cutting jobs in mind. No more struggling with large pieces of lumber or material when you have the JTAS-10XL30-1 in your shop.

Jet JTAS-10XL30-1 Table Saws
A cutting machine specially designed for the largest cutting jobs. Find pricing information and more by visiting our recommended supplier.

Increased Workspace

Nothing is worse than struggling to find space to work with bigger pieces of wood. With the JTAS-10XL30-1's large table and cast iron wings, you will always have the room you need to work quickly and efficiently. You also get the benefit of the Jet 30 inch commercial XACTA fence, which has been revolutionizing the way people cut lumber. You will wonder how you ever got through the day without this big old saw for so long.

JTAS-10XL30-1 Features

  • The cast iron wings give you additional work space and more support
  • Three V-Belts deliver increased power to the blade
  • Built with overload protection to protect the motor
  • Rail mounted magnetic switch is simple to reach
  • One solid piece stand that channels dust through a 4 inch port for the easiest, most efficient dust collection
As you know, nothing kills a motor quicker than too much dust. The handy dust collection system on this table saw will keep the motor running great for years. Of course you will still have to do your part and vacuum it to keep it really clean, but the built in dust collection goes a long way toward ensuring long motor life for the JTAS-10XL30-1. You will really want to keep this saw in prime operating condition once you see how smoothly and quickly it cuts through even the toughest, hardest woods.

Jet has been quietly building a reputation for superior quality tools at the most affordable prices. When you consider all the power, size and easy to use features built into the JTAS-10XL30-1, you will understand why Jet is becoming the contractor's tool company of choice.

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