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Jet JPS-30 Table Saws

Just as an artist needs the right brushes to do his work, carpenters and wood workers need a table saw they can rely on to get the job done. The Jet 708480K JPS-30 10-Inch ProShop Table saw is fast becoming one of the most popular table saws on the market today. With the innovative ProShop fence system that Jet is famous for, along with a powerful motor, it is easy to understand why more pros are making the JPS-30 their saw of choice.

Jet JPS-30 Table Saws
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Extreme Power

Cutting through the toughest woods requires a saw that can stand up to the challenge. With a powerful 1-3/4 horsepower motor, there is simply no cutting job that is too tough for the JPS-30. It is amazing to see this saw go to work on even the hardest woods, with not recoil or bogging down. And with the other features that Jet has built into this popular model, it is no wonder that people are talking about Jet table saws on work sites all over the country.

Features of the JPS-30

  • Exclusive 30-inch ProShop fence system with T-square design and extruded aluminum sideboards
  • A built-in arbor lock allows you to change blades quickly and safely
  • The enclosed cabinet and leg stand design allows for easy assembly
  • Cast iron table with T-style miter slot for a large, smooth work surface
  • Very powerful 1-3/4 horsepower TEFC motor for extreme cutting power
It is no coincidence that Jet table saws are popping up in more shops each year. This company has made it their business to offer durable, high quality power tools with affordable price tags. If you have hesitated getting a cabinet table saw in the past because of price, the JPS-30 is a perfect buy. It gives you all the features and cutting power you would expect to see from a high end table saw at a low price that every shop can afford.

Those big cutting jobs do not have to be a burden once you have the JPS-30 in your shop. With it's large table and smooth cutting action, you will be cutting more lumber at a faster pace than you ever thought was possible. And with its affordable price, you will wonder why you did not pick up this saw years ago.

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