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Jet JBTS-10LS-2 Table Saws

It just does not get any better than having a quality table saw to use on the job. Unless of course, you can find that quality tool at an affordable price. The folks at Jet have made it their goal to offer affordable power tools that are built with the quality that you would expect from more popular name brands. By all appearances they seem to be succeeding at reaching that goal, as more people are picking up Jet table saws to work with every day.

Jet JBTS-10LS-2 Table Saws
A durable, smooth running cutting machine that is a pleasure to use. Find pricing information and more at our recommended supplier.

The Jet JBTS-10LS-2 Table Saw is a great example of the high quality, durable table saws available from Jet. It is built with a smooth running motor that does not shake or rattle when in use. As you know, nothing kills concentration like a lot of vibration. The JBTS-10LS-2 resolves this problem by virtually eliminating any vibration from this table saw.

Features of the JBTS-10LS-2

  • Belt driven technology to eliminate vibration and extend the life of the motor
  • Precision Rule system gives you great cutting capacity of up to 24.5 inches with the right wing fully extended
  • Features on-board storage that holds the power cord, miter gauge, rip fence, saw blade and other tools
  • 5/8 inch arbor capability
  • Cuts at a capacity of up to 3 inches at 90 degrees and 2.5 inches at 45 degrees
  • Speeds of up to 5,000 rpm
When you stack all of those features up against some of the top table saws on the market, you will see that the JBTS-10LS-2 can certainly hold its own against them all. When you also consider the price for this saw, it is easy to understand why so many people are turning to Jet as their preferred table saw provider. They give you all the power and accessories you need, without the sky-high price tag. The JBTS-10LS-2 is a reasonably priced, top quality power tool for carpentry enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Even if you already have a table saw in your shop, it is always good to have a spare for productivity's sake. The price of this saw makes it an ideal backup for any shop to have. That way, even if your other tools go down, you will still have a top performing table saw to use on those important projects.

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