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Hitachi C10RB Table Saws

When you work with lumber, you need a good table saw to get the job done each day. Some jobs do not allow the luxury of a stationary table saw, so it is important to find a portable table saw to have on the job site with you. You never know where you might be cutting wood tomorrow, but you are sure to want a saw that is easy to get around. The C10RB Portable Jobsite Table Saw is just such a portable table saw. It is made for people that have to cut and set up shop wherever the job allows.

Hitachi C10RB Table Saws
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Since it is built by Hitachi, the C10RB is made to last. This company has been making power tools for decades, and they have built a solid reputation for the quality of their products. The C10RB is another shining example of Hitachi's dedication to quality, power and portability. They have also taken the need for precision seriously, and equipped this table saw with the features you need to make accurate cuts time and time again.

C10RB Features

  • Powerful 15 amp motor
  • Table telescopes to a maximum 24.5 inches
  • Rip fence is self aligning
  • 10 inch bench-top table saw
  • Features a folding stand
  • Base includes space for storage
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty

Table Saw Accessories

Not only does this saw pack a powerful punch, but it also comes with all of the table saw accessories you need to be productive. They have even included a 10-inch 36-tooth carbide tipped blade, so you can get this saw out of the box and into production as soon as possible. This table saw comes with the miter gauge, wrench, push-stick, power cord, dado insert and blade. And every one of these table saw accessories fits neatly into the integrated storage base for easy transportation.

The Hitachi C10RB is a great example of how a portable table saw should be made. Not only do you get the power and precision you need on the job, you also get handy storage and easy set up for your saw. The little details go a long way in making your work easier to do, and Hitachi has included all the details with this handy table saw.

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