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Grizzly G0690 Table Saws

There are some power tools that you can just tell are built to last. There is a feel to them that instantly communicates how much attention went in to design and putting them together. The Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Saw is one of these tools. This table saw is a contractor grade saw that is head and shoulders above what you would expect from the best table saws on the market. Its cast iron construction and powerful motor are just a few of the features that sets this table saw apart from the pack.

Grizzly G0690 Table Saws
An incredible machine that will be a fixture in your workshop for years to come.Find out more by visiting our recommended supplier.

Smooth Operator

The table on the G0690 is virtually flawless. If you have dealt with rough, grainy tables before, you will really appreciate what a difference having a smooth table provides. Lumber practically glides through this saw effortlessly. And since the motor runs with hardly a vibration, you can concentrate totally on making your cuts true, without dealing with any difficulties.

G0690 Features

  • 4,300 RPM Arbor Speed
  • Maximum rip capacity of 291/2”
  • Powerful 3 horsepower motor
  • Table height of 34”
  • Table size with extension is 27”x41”
  • Dimensions: 62”x41”x40”
If your shop deals with cutting lumber or panels, you need the power and versatility of a top notch table saw. The G0690 is popular in shops all over the country. People know that they can count on Grizzly for powerful tools that have the features they need. To be more productive, you need the right saw in your corner. This incredible machine gives you everything you need for hassle free days at work.

An Innovator

There are lots of table saws out there that are imitating each other and giving the minimum power and versatility needed. If you are tired of dealing with the average and are ready to step up your effectiveness on the job, the G0690 should be on your “to get” list. This cabinet table saw is made for serious business and it will help you with the toughest cutting jobs that the other saws just cannot handle.

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