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Grizzly G0661 Table Saws

It is you against that big truck load of lumber. So what are you going to do? If you have the power of the Grizzly G0661 Table Saw on your side, you can handle this challenge in stride. This table saw is a heavy duty, powerful cutter that will put most other table saws to shame. You might not know it by looking at this contractor grade table saw, but it is one of the most stable models currently available.

Grizzly G0661 Table Saws
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Extras You Will Love

The folks at Grizzly really went above and beyond the call of duty to make this one of the best table saws available. It has extra long cast iron wings that give you plenty of stability and room to maneuver for your cuts. The 2 horse power motor is so powerful that cutting heavy woods like hickory for hours on end will never pose a problem. And there is even a handy riving knife that will make working safer and more productive than it has ever been before.

G0661 Features

  • Super powerful 2 horse power motor that tears through the hardest lumber
  • Vertically aligned motor and blade
  • Heavy duty cast iron design for the ultimate in stability
  • 4200 RPM Speed
The G0661 is packed with features that leave the competition in the dust. And every feature is useful and on the saw for a reason. You do not get bogged down with unnecessary features that distract you from the job at hand, so you will use every one of them to make your work day more productive than ever before.

G0661 Customer Reviews

This table saw review could not close without mention of the customer reviews. We found some great customer reviews for this table saw that should convince anyone just how useful and powerful this saw is. Every person that reviewed the Grizzly G0661 gave it high marks and commented on how easy it is for them to handle the toughest jobs with this saw in their work shops.

Get the power you need for all of your lumber cutting jobs. The G0661 is the perfect tool for handling any tough cutting job with precision and power.

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