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Grizzly G0588 Table Saws

Grizzly has been making some of the most sought after sliding table saws for years. The one thing that many of their customers were asking for, though, was a slightly smaller version of their popular G0501 model. Well, the good folks at Grizzly listened and now they have introduced the G0588 Sliding Table Saw. This is a table saw that has all of the features and power of the G0501, but it has a reduced, more compact size that makes it a more realistic choice for smaller shops.

Grizzly G0588 Table Saws
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Power You Have To See

Every tool that has a motor can be called a “power tool”, but not many really live up to that name and deliver powerful output for the job at hand. However, the G0588 really does live up to the “power tool” moniker. It is equipped with a 7.5 horsepower motor that simply smokes anything the competition might offer. Sure, there are some industrial models from other companies that have motors this powerful, but none of them can match the low price and accessibility of the G0588.

G0588 Features

  • A super-powerful 7.5 horsepower motor for true cutting power
  • 3 phase sliding table saw
  • 12” sliding table saw
  • One of the most compact table saws for shop use
  • Smooth as silk table for easy cutting
  • Perfect for cutting large panels
As you know, it takes more than an off-the-shelf table saw to handle large panels with ease. There is just no sense in struggling with a saw that is not cut out for that kind of work. Especially when the G0588 is so affordable and easy to get assembled. It is not often that a power tool manufacturer makes a truly professional grade tool at such an easy to afford price, but the people at Grizzly have done it this time.

There is a reason why so many professional shops are getting Grizzly table saws installed. They flat out work great! If you have not had the pleasure of working with a Grizzly, the G0588 is the perfect introduction to their powerful, rugged yet precise saws. You may never look at table saws the same way again once you see just how easy this saw makes cutting even the largest panels and the toughest woods.

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