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Grizzly G0524 Table Saws

If your day-to-day work requires a lot of ripping, you know that just any table saw will not do. Ripping lumber requires the kind of cutting action that you can only get from a quality rip saw. The Grizzly G0524 Straight Line Rip Saw is a table saw that is designed for ripping large pieces of wood without a problem. It is power fed and able to take on the toughest lumber without a complaint or slowdown in productivity.

As you know, Grizzly has a reputation for making some of the best commercial-grade saws on the market today. The G0524 builds on the solid reputation that they have built and offers shops a top-of-the-line rip saw without the high price. Grizzly has made it affordable for smaller shops to have the rip saw capabilities they need with this model. Powerful, easy to use and built to last, the G0524 is the small wood shop's rip saw solution.
Grizzly G0524 Table Saws
Incredible cutting power and durability. Find out more about this excellent tool from Grizzly.

G0524 Rip Saw Features

  • 1 HP Feeding Motor for continuous, effort free cutting
  • 15 HP, Three-Phase main motor for cutting with ease
  • Maximum saw blade diameter of 12
  • 4 maximum cutting thickness
  • Cast iron table
  • Extra long extension and rip fence

Increased Shop Productivity

The bottom line rules when it comes to getting the job done. Do not let lots of rip sawing slow you down. The G0524 Straight Line Rip Saw gives you a virtually automated way to keep ripping wood all day long. As long as you have a qualified operator to run this saw, it will keep on cutting all day long. The helpful conveyor feed system makes sure that the productivity never stops.

There are plenty of rip saws available, but not many true table saws that provide the cutting power and convenient features of the Grizzly G0524. Once you get this table saw set up in your shop, you will understand why people turn to Grizzly for the best deals on commercial grade power saws. There is just no match for all the features they give you while still keeping their prices low. If you have already used a Grizzly in your shop, they you already know just how helpful their table saws are. The G0524 is a perfect example of how a rip saw should be designed for small and medium sized shops.

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