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Grizzly G0493 Table Saws

Your business depends on getting product out the door. If your personnel deal with lumber each day, you know the importance of providing them with the best quality tools to do their job. That means equipping your team with a table saw to take care of daily cutting jobs. Of course, you cannot just choose any old table saw, as many of them just are not up to “shop” specifications. The Grizzly G0493, however, is made for shops like yours. It is large enough to handle the biggest pieces of lumber, but built with convenient features to make work easier on your employees.

Grizzly G0493 Table Saws
A high powered cutting machine that can take on any size lumber. Visit our recommended supplier for more information.

Power to Spare

Some power tools lack a bit in the power department. Grizzly has made sure that is just not the case with the G0493. As the name implies, this table saw features a blazing 10 horsepower motor that makes cutting through the toughest materials a breeze. If you have heard complaints about cutting through hard woods or fabricated panels in the past, you will not hear them once you set up this high powered machine in your shop. This commercial grade table saw rips through wood with power and precision.

G0493 Features

  • Micro adjustable rip fence
  • Scoring blade for for tear free cutting
  • Sliding table with bearing guide system
  • 45 degree tilting for miter cutting
  • Blade cover with safety switch
  • Easy to adjust rive blade alignment
  • Belt drive
  • Maximum length of cut 125 inches
One look at the list of features and specs for this saw tells you just how much work went into making the G0493 perfect for use in virtually any shop.

It does not take a lot of thought to know that the productivity in your shop only increases when you provide the best tools for your employees. This table saw is made to increase productivity by handling large cuts without lengthy set up time and the powerful motor helps the blade to sail through the hardest woods with ease. If your shop has been lacking the power and ease of use that a professional grade table saw provides, you owe it to yourself to check into the G0493.

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