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Find the Best Table Saw for You

When it comes to finding the best table saw, there is no magic formula. Each person has their own preferences and needs, so it really is a personal decision. One wise thing to do is to learn more about the different table saw types. New technology is always being introduced to these machines, so it is also important to make yourself comfortable with the different features offered today.

What are Some of the Basic Features?

There is no shortage of features available on today's table saws. Today there are so many pros and cons to consider, such as portability, power, noise and dust collection, just to name a few.

Many brands today offer a type of portable table saw. They are saws that are much lighter than traditional saws, and are made with more aluminum than cast iron. Many times these saws will come with a stand that has wheels for easy maneuvering around the work site. This is a feature that is excellent for the carpenter or on-site contractor.

You will also notice that these saws come with different sized motors, which provide different levels of power. Portable saws have smaller, lighter motors that pack less power and have to work harder to make cuts. That is the price you pay for the portability. Other saw types such as cabinet saws have very large, very power motors that can cut through most materials with ease. Consider the cutting power when you make your final decision, especially if you will be cutting hardwoods or sheet materials.

Perhaps portability is not a factor for you. If your saw is going to be a fixture in your workshop, then how much noise it produces may be of greater importance. Cabinet saws are generally more quiet than other types of table saws. This is accomplished through a larger motor that does not have to work as hard, and also through a cabinet base that encloses the motor.

Dust collection is also a serious factor to consider. Many table saws have dust collection mechanisms, and there are several different designs to aid in this area. If you are going to use your saw outside or on-site, this may not be as big of an issue. But for others keeping their workshop clean may be their biggest need.

These are just some of the many factors to consider when you buy a table saw. Read as much product information and customer reviews and ratings as possible before you decide. Do your homework and you will end up with the best table saw for you.

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